Join us throughout the day on Thursday 28th March for a Day of Prayer inspired by Christian’s working in Government.

National Call to Prayer is a Call, inspired by some Christians working in government, who have a sense that we need to come together, whatever our views, to pray for God’s Will for our nation; and to ask God, to be our Good Shepherd of Psalm 23, to guide, comfort and bless the UK at this key time in our history.
We have a vision of all the prayers across our nation. These may be small or large groups, in homes, villages or churches – but all are connected and are lighting up our nation like a Christmas tree with lights shining all over it. And we believe, at this key time for our nation, the King, our Lord, calling His tribes, the many denominations and groups, to come together and seek His will for our nation.
We believe there is power in unity and we want to show the UK that the church is alive and cares about our nation; that God has answered prayers in the past for the UK, and He can do it again!
Therefore, whatever your views, your denomination, wherever you are in the UK, we invite you to be part of this National Call to Prayer, to bring people together to pray for our nation.

Join us at Monks Yard on Thursday, pray individually or pray with friends but lets unite for our nation!